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This section includes a list of common issues, their symptoms, what environments are affected, what are the possible causes, and how to resolve them. Kindly read through to find out how you can solve the errors you may have encountered while using SID-Refresh™.

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Program Run as root


  • Error message upon launching SID-Refresh™.


  • Both Linux/Unix and Windows Systems


  • If <sid>adm is not used to run the program, this error will be encountered.


  • Always run the program using an <sid>adm account. Please refer to the General Prerequisites for other system requirements needed to run the program.

Component CRM_MIDDLEWA_CRM - CRM Middleware Configuration


  • After System Landscape Copy is performed in a CRM landscape, the SITE ID values in CRMM_BUT_CRMOBJ and SMOHSITEID do not match.

  • When business partner changes are loaded from CRM to ECC, the system sends a full update rather than just a modification, even though the BP exists on both systems.


  • SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • SAP enhancement package for SAP CRM

  • SAP enhancement package for SAP CRM, version for SAP HANA


  • SID-Refresh™-1.4.0 includes table SMOHSITEID among the list of tables to be exported and imported. If the target systems of the system copy use different GUID values than the source system, there will be a mismatch between tables CRMM_BUT_CRMOBJ and SMOHSITEID. As a result, when subsequent loads Business Partner data changes are sent to the ECC, all the BP data will be sent instead of just the field that has been modified. This is because FM "BUPA_OUTBOUND_GET_MAIN checks the state of a BP by comparing the values in CRMM_BUT_CRMOBJ and SMOHSITEID. This will not lead to data inconsistency but may cause an unnecessary overhead due to the extra volume of data being sent.


  • Do not select table SMOHSITEID for export and import during system copy unless it is intended that the target systems use the same site ID values as the source systems.

Component WEBSERVICE- Web Service Configuration (SOAMANAGER), SICF- HTTP Service Configuration (SICF), RFC- RFC Connections (SM59)


  • After a system refresh, the SICF nodes have assigned the wrong user/password data.


  • All SAP System based on SAP NetWeaver platform


  • The data that is required to calculate the system fields are removed from the buffering in the shared memory. However, in certain constellations, data relating to the system fields are still stored in the shared memory. This may cause the system fields to be calculated incorrectly in subsequent requests.


  • Call function module ICFBUFFER_INIT.

SID-Refresh™ fails to start with the Java-based GUI


  • You are starting SID-Refresh™ on Linux with the Java-based GUI, and this error appears:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /usr/java8_64/jre/lib/ppc64/ (Could not load module /usr/java8_64/jre/lib/ppc64/

Dependent module /usr/lib/libXrender.a(shr_64.o) could not be loaded.

Member shr_64.o is not found in archive
Could not load module /usr/java8_64/jre/lib/ppc64/

Dependent module /usr/java8_64/jre/lib/ppc64/ could not be loaded.)


  • Linux/Unix Systems


  • The error is caused by the missing library

  • The library should be /usr/lib64/ (which is a link to /usr/lib64/ ):

server1:~ # ls -al /usr/lib64 | grep
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 16 Apr 20 00:14 -> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 23016 Nov 10 2016
server1:~ #


If neither file is available, install the OS package that contains them:

  • On RHEL (6 and 7): yum install libXtst

  • On SLES11: zypper install xorg-x11-libs

  • On SLES12: zypper install libXtst6

SID-Refresh™ runs with a Java-based GUI with Pixelated Fonts


  • You are starting SID-Refresh™ on Linux/Unix with the Java-based GUI, and the text fonts are pixelated.


  • Linux/Unix Systems


  • The desktop setting you want isn't supported on your desktop (e.g., you want LCD text on Windows)

  • JRE doesn't recognize your desktop setting (e.g., KDE)

  • You are automating testing under each of these conditions.


  • Set on the command line as of the specified value to control rendering hints used by Swing text.

java -Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=lcd -jar /Install/SIDRefresh.jar

  • No Email message is created after we create and send email in SO01. Transaction SCOT does not generate EMAIL messages.


  • You find that in the system the incorrect Sender is being shown for Send requests (i.e., Mail, Fax, SMS, etc.) in transaction SOST.

  • This issue can also be seen in related transactions to view send requests, i.e., SOSG, SOSB.

  • The sender details shown may not even be from a user in the system.

  • Also, in the SAP Business Workplace (transaction SBWP) for an affected user you will see that the incorrect User details (i.e., the details of the incorrect

    sender) are displayed here also.


  • All SAP System based on SAP NetWeaver platform


  • The cause of the issue is Database inconsistencies related to the SAPoffice key of the User whose send requests you are attempting to view.


  1. Run the report RSADRCK1 in update mode as below i.e., unflag the option Test run (without updates).

  2. To see the correct user details in SBWP you also need to reset the address buffer. To do so, go to transaction SO16. Then hit the Reset buffer button under the Addressing tab.

SU01: Error in user management


  • The dump appears when viewing or editing a user (SU01)

  • Error Database error deleting from table adrp_uuid_index '(adrc_uuid_index, adcp_uuid_index) occurs while deleting user/person


  • All SAP System based on SAP NetWeaver platform


  • There are active jobs or processes holding locks on the entries being deleted.


  1. After completing the import of the USER task, execute report (SE38): RSUSR405

  2. Reset TAB buffer /$TAB

  3. Execute the below reports via transaction SE38 in the following order:

  • RSADRCK1 - the report checks SO key and where-used list consistency in Business Address Management.

  • RSUSR_CLEANUP_USER_TABLES from SAP Note 1401395 - Report to clean up residual data in user tables.

  • RSSOUSCO - the report checks the consistency of user tables.

External Resources

436119 - Correction report for communication data inconsistencies

2299770 - Error ' Database error deleting from table adrp_uuid_index ' (adrc_uuid_index, adcp_uuid_index) occurs while deleting user/person


Download the SID-Refresh™ User Guide for a more detailed guide on how to use the tool.

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Collecting Diagnosis for Support Team

To help SID-Refresh™ Support Team analyze and diagnose problems with your system, you can collect a range of diagnosis information from your system into a zip file.

  1. Launch SID-Refresh™ in GUI mode.

  2. Select the directory containing the export/import files.

  3. Click Diag to start the diagnosis.

  4. After the diagnosis process is completed, you will see information about the created file.

  5. You can download the collection of the diagnosis files (ZIP-archive having file name pattern (SID-Refresh_infodump_<yyyy>-<mm>-<dd>_<hh>-<mm-<ss>.zip) and e-mail us at:

Do you have a question about the content on this page? E-mail us at