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General Prerequisites

  • Should be run as <SID> <sid> adm account

  • Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.8 or higher

  • Requires SID-Refresh™ license file SIDREFRESH.LIC in the directory with the SIDRefresh.jar file for Linux/Unix or the SIDRefresh.jar file for Windows systems

  • SID-Refresh™ can be on Linux/Unix/Windows

  • SID-Refresh™ can be run using GUI or the terminal console.

  • It is strictly recommended to use the R3trans version with timestamp 24.03.17 or newer.

Initial Setup

  1. Download SID-Refresh™ here.

  2. Log in to the source system using an <SID> <sid> adm account.

  3. Copy/Paste the SIDRefresh.jar (For Linux/Unix) or SIDRefresh.exe file (for Windows system) and the SIDREFRESH.LIC license file in the same directory.

  4. Verify if the Java version installed in the system met the minimum requirement as stated in the General Prerequisites.

    1. For Linux/Unix, run the following command in a terminal: 


  • To start administering system refresh with SID-Refresh™, you may proceed to the <link to Documentation> pageto Documentation.

  • To troubleshoot issues encountered, you may proceed to the <link to Troubleshooting> page Troubleshooting Guide.

  • For a more detailed guide, you may download <link to pdf user guide>download the SID-Refresh™ Guide.


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