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Yes, for SID-Refresh™ v1.3.0 and up. (Precaution: Customer must be aware and accept full responsibility for cleaning table contents in the refreshed system.)

  • Can SID-Refresh™ support my system applications deployed in Linux/Unix?

Yes. Please refer to the Product Overview page for the SAP Supported Operating Systems.


Yes. Regardless of where your environment resides, you can use SID-Refresh™ to simplify your system refresh process as long as your systems are enrolled in IT-Conductor™.

  • What are the most common factors affecting the application performance?

The automated process executed using SID-Refresh™ remains consistent without miss regardless of system complexity, provided instructions are followed properly. However, system complexity affects the runtime of the export/import/cleanup together with the degree of parallelism and the number of components you selected for the export/cleanup/import process. 


The entire process may take from a few minutes up to several hours depending on the same factors mentioned in the previous question. On average, it would take 4 hours to complete the system refresh process end-to-end.


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