OS Printer Queue Restart Automation


Printer queues refer to a list of print jobs that are waiting to be processed for printing. When a printer encounters an error, the printer queues get stuck and when that happens, restarting it usually helps in resolving the problem. This process of restarting or clearing the printer queue on an operating system (OS) is called the OS Printer Queue Restart.

For tenants that require constant use of printers for critical workflows, you have the option to automate the process of restarting printer queues using IT-Conductor’s recovery action.

Pre-requisite Requirements

How to Automate OS Printer Queue Restart

When configuring printer alerts, the following command as shown in the SSH tab should handle the recovery action needed to restart a printer.

Figure 1: OS Printer Queue Restart Recovery Action

The command in Figure 1 is a simple ssh script that runs as a recovery action when the condition configured is triggered.

Figure 2: Alerting Configuration and Recovery Action based on Status

In Figure 2, the recovery action will be triggered when the printer is in a “Disabled“ state. If the printer remains in the “Disabled“ state for 10 minutes, the restart recovery action is triggered again until the status change to either “Idle” or “Printing”.