SU01: Error in user management


  • The dump appears when viewing or editing a user (SU01)

  • Error Database error deleting from table adrp_uuid_index '(adrc_uuid_index, adcp_uuid_index) occurs while deleting user/person


  • All SAP System based on SAP NetWeaver platform


  • There are active jobs or processes holding locks on the entries being deleted.


  1. After completing the import of the USER task, execute report (SE38): RSUSR405

Figure 1: ABAP Editor

2. Reset TAB buffer /$TAB

Figure 2: SAP Easy Access CRM
Figure 3: TAB buffer reset


3. Execute the below reports via transaction SE38 in the following order:

  • RSADRCK1 - the report checks SO key and where-used list consistency in Business Address Management.

Figure 4: Business Address Management
Figure 5: Address Management Check Report
  • RSUSR_CLEANUP_USER_TABLES from SAP Note 1401395 - Report to clean up residual data in user tables.

Figure 6: Display and Delete Entries in User Tables that are no longer needed
Figure 7: Overview Entries for n Non-existent Users
  • RSSOUSCO - the report checks the consistency of user tables.

Figure 8: Consistency Check of User Tables (a)
Figure 9: Consistency Check of User Tables (b)
  • If a dump appears when viewing or editing a user (SU01):

Figure 10: Runtime Error - Description of Exception

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