No e-mail message is created after we create and send email in SO01. Transaction SCOT does not generate e-mail messages.


  • You find that in the system the incorrect Sender is being shown for Send requests (i.e., Mail, Fax, SMS, etc.) in transaction SOST.

  • This issue can also be seen in related transactions to view send requests, i.e., SOSG, SOSB.

  • The sender details shown may not even be from a user in the system.

  • Also, in the SAP Business Workplace (transaction SBWP) for an affected user you will see that the incorrect User details (i.e., the details of the incorrect

    sender) are displayed here also.


  • All SAP System based on SAP NetWeaver platform


  • The cause of the issue is Database inconsistencies related to the SAPoffice key of the User whose send requests you are attempting to view.


  1. Run the report RSADRCK1 in update mode as below i.e., unflag the option Test run (without updates).

Figure 1: Address Management Check Report

2. To see the correct user details in SBWP you also need to reset the address buffer. To do so, go to transaction SO16. Then hit the Reset buffer button under the Addressing tab.

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